About Dig Safe Geelong

Professional vacuum and hydro excavation services ground penetrating radar pipe and cable locating in Victoria.

Jason Middleton, head of our family-owned and operated hydro excavation company that provides services around Victoria, from Geelong to Bendigo, through Dandenong Melbourne and Ballarat, has more than a decade and a half of hard-won expertise providing non-destructive digging, hydro and vacuum excavation, waste removal, cleaning, ground penetrating radar and vacuum truck services for a wide range of international companies, local organisations, and independent operators right across the country.

He set up Dig Safe Geelong, with a headquarters in Geelong in Victoria over eight years ago, and our company's hydro excavation services are now much sought after in Melbourne metro areas, as well regionally in Ballarat and Bendigo, Dandenong and many other Victorian locations.

Working only to the highest of professional vacuum excavation standards, with a 100% commitment to workplace safety and hazard-free environments, Dig Safe Geelong are Dial Before You Dig Certified locators, as well as being Telstra and White Card accredited, and Level 2 First Aid certified.

The key rental services Dig Safe Geelong provides

1. Cost-effective and swiftly efficient specialist mechanical and hydro excavation hire - including the ability for the vacuum truck to access space restricted and limited manoeuvrability areas where full-sized plant simply could not operate. Whether you require trenching, pipe installation or pits, and your location is anywhere from a backyard to a major construction site adjacent to existing solid structures - Dig Safe Geelong will deliver the solutions you need.

2. Low-impact and environmentally sound vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging processes. We match this with a cost-efficient ground penetrating radar method of quickly exposing any underground structures, cables, lines and services. From this cable and underground line location to sign and pole installation, slot or restricted access trenching, plus extraction, waste removal as well as the removal of sludge and other wet and dry materials, Dig Safe Geelong delivers an extensive range of key hydro excavation rental service.

How can Dig Safe Geelong’s hire work for you?

With our reputation for the highest of work standards all across Victoria, and a commitment to, and track record of, completing projects safely, and on schedule, we're ready to set to work on whatever your hire needs require. We are in business everywhere in Victoria, servicing the areas from Geelong to Bendigo, including Dandenong, Melbourne and Ballarat. To discuss your hydro and vacuum excavation, vacuum truck rental, non-destructive digging, waste removal, ground penetrating radar needs and any other requirements, please contact us 24/7 by (04) 3403 1300.

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