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Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is a Not For Profit organisation that aims to provide an all-in-one single point of contact for information on underground utility, cable and pipe locating to prevent any accidental damage to Australia’s underground infrastructure. DBYD strives to educate construction crews throughout Australia by providing a free enquiry service that provides a complete and detailed r...
Dial Before You Dig Certified Locator
Hydro excavation in its simplest form is the removal or movement of soil utilising pressurised water. Once the soil has been disturbed, the excess debris is transferred to a debris tanker using an air conveyance. By employing this method of excavation, it allows for a safer and more accurate excavation to locate utilities for replacement or maintenance.
What is Hydro Excavation?
Ground-penetrating radar also referred to as GPR, is a term that is applied to the technique of releasing radio waves to locate and map subsurface structures. A GPR can typically create radio wave pulses ranging between a 1 MHz and a 1,000MHz frequency.GPR has a variety of uses in various industries. Industries that support the use of GPR can range from civil construction and mine sites to archaeo...
What is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)?

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