Electronic Locating

Check your project site before you start to dig by using Dig Safe Geelong's electronic locating services

It’s key to find where all buried utilities are before you start digging on site. If you start digging blindly, you can risk damage to the myriad of hidden infrastructure such as cables and plumbing that provide essential services to all areas across your neighbourhood. But blind digging can also cause personal damage for example if you accidentally hit buried electrical wires with metal tools which can sever them and cause severe electrical shocks.

Here at Dig Safe Geelong, we use specialised ground penetrating radar to generate an electromagnetic field which bounces off hidden and buried underground services showing their locations. These locations are then used to create a map of utilities and their paths as well as how deep they are buried.

We have multiple types of Ground Penetrating Radar and Underground Service Locators available for wet hire from Dig Safe Geelong

Here at Dig Safe Geelong, we pride ourselves on the high quality of machinery available for wet hire which is why we offer two different types of locating equipment to our customers. These include:

- Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar

- Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Underground Service Locator

All of our machines are top of the line and contains the latest locating technology available to ensure precision and accuracy of detection. All our electronic locating services are conducted by a highly trained and qualified member of the Dig Safe Geelong team, who can use these handheld locators to quickly and efficiently locate the buried utilities on your site.

Dig Safe Geelong Electronic Locating

Working all across Victoria to complete your underground service locating project

Servicing locations across Melbourne from one of our four conveniently placed depots in Geelong, Melbourne, Bendigo or Sale. From these locations, we can reach locations all across Victoria including Bendigo, Ballarat and Dandenong.

If you are looking for a respected professional to carry out your next underground locating services project it pays to talk to our team at Dig Safe Geelong. We are contactable 24/7 and are proud of our reputation for delivering quality workmanship on every project every time. So, how can we help you with your current or upcoming project?

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