Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation and vacuum truck hire for hydro digging available to customers across Victoria.

Hydro excavations for fast non-destructive hydro digging

Hydro Excavation is the process of using highly pressurised water to clear dirt and debris to perform tasks such as trenching, non-destructive digging, and the clearing blocked pipes and culverts. This is done by mixing dirt and blockages with water to create a slurry that is removed by a vacuum truck.

The main benefit of using hydro excavation and hydrovac services on your project is that you can excavate delicate areas, such as those that contain buried utility lines and fragile piping, without causing them damage. The water and mud around the buried items is easily sucked away, leaving them entirely unharmed.

Dig Safe Geelong Hydro Excavation

Before you break ground, it’s important to know what’s under it

When you are performing any type of hydrovac vacuum excavation or hydro digging on site, it is vital to know precisely where all pipelines and other utilities are located before you start digging. While the process won’t cause them damage, knowing where the buried utilities in your designated hydro excavation area can either help you find them or avoid them when work begins with our vacuum truck hire.

Our expert geo-location and ground penetrating radar team are Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) certified, and we use this certification to help our clients in their responsibility to visually locate any structural or utility assets buried in the designated excavation area, providing a non-destructive digging method. Like other contractors, we can't be held responsible for any assets not so identified.

We pride ourselves in the high-quality standards produced by our staff and our hydro digging machinery

All of our machinery is regularly maintained to the highest level of quality possible, which minimises the possibility of delays due to machinery breakdown that would cost you time and money. All of our hydro excavation equipment is for wet hire, which means that you get one of our staff that has years of experience ensuring that you have the expertise needed to complete your job quickly and easily.
Using our 3000L tight access vacuum truck and 5000L vacuum trucks, our highly trained operators can handle any hydro excavation or non-destructive hydrovac digging job across Victoria, from Geelong to Ballarat and all areas in between, including Melbourne, Bendigo and Dandenong.

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