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Need non-destructive hydro vacuum excavation and vacuum truck wet hire in Victoria?

Our fully maintained and expertly operated 300L Tight Access and 5000L extraction vacuum trucks for hydro excavation, non-destructive digging and waste removal are long-proven safe performers that can deliver wet hire vacuum excavation solutions for all sizes and scopes of projects all around Victoria, from a backyard to the largest of major building and development sites from Geelong to Geelong, Bendigo, Dandenong, Melbourne, Ballarat, Kangaroo Flat, Kilmore, Werribee and Sunbury.

Manoeuvrability is a key asset of our superbly functional 1.8-ton excavators for vacuum excavation jobs. This allows us to deliver the best results you require especially in projects with restricted access areas where other full-sized plants would be unable to enter.

Before you wet hire our vacuum truck fleet

You'll fully appreciate how vital it is to know during a hydro excavation exactly where any lines, pipes and the like are located before the actual work begins with our vacuum truck. Our expert geo-location and ground penetrating radar team are Dial before you Dig (DYBD) certified, and we use the 1100 Dial Before You Dig to help our clients in their responsibility to visually locate any structural or utility assets buried in the designated excavation area, providing a non-destructive digging method. Like other contractors, we can't be held responsible for any assets not so identified. We work everywhere in Victoria, with a key focus in the areas of Geelong to Bendigo through Dandenong, Melbourne and Ballarat.

Wet hiring our vacuum excavation fleet 

The extreme high-pressure water jets we use from our vacuum truck work to loosen greatly compacted ground areas and then effectively in the waste removal, sucking of the degraded particles and any excess water back into the vehicle-mounted storage tank. This delivers results that are both environmentally friendly and low impact, meaning there is less risk of costly damage to any buried utility pipes, lines or cables. Without the need for heavy equipment, we also help keep your project costs as low as possible.

A comprehensive range of services and wet hire solutions

We also use our 1.8-ton excavators to undertake a comprehensive range of mechanical evacuation and hydro excavation activities. So, whether you require restricted access trenching in Melbourne, non-destructive digging or ground penetrating radar to locate under existing structures in Bendigo, waste removal and vacuum truck hire in Geelong, extraction of sludge or dry materials in Ballarat, or drain, pit, conduit or culvert cleaning in Dandenong - as well as any other such task right across Victoria, it pays to talk to our team at Dig Safe Geelong. We are contactable 24/7 and are proud of our reputation for on-time vacuum excavation work completion. So, how can we help you with your current or upcoming project?

Reach out to us for your non-destructive hydro excavation services. We’re just an earshot away to answer all your hire needs in and around Victoria.


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