Plant & Machinery Hire

No matter whether you need a vacuum truck or a ground penetrating radar to complete your project Dig Safe Geelong have the equipment hire solutions to get the job done. 

dig safe geelong hydro excavation plant and machine hire

Our wet hire fleet consists of high quality and highly maintained machinery that can go wherever the job needs across Melbourne.

Here at Dig Safe Geelong, we pride ourselves on our highly maintained equipment if we wouldn’t use a piece of equipment on our own projects we won’t hire it to our customers.

Our fleet of rental equipment includes:

- Isuzu FR12 3000L tight access vacuum truck

- 5000L Isuzu Vacuum Excavator

- Opera Duo Ground Penetrating Radar

- Radiodetection RD8100 Precision Underground Service Locator

At Dig Safe Geelong, we are more than just a plant hire company; we are a company that prioritises our customer's safety and job efficiency above all else. As one of 1100 Dial Before You Dig’s certified operators, we pride ourselves in ensuring that your worksite is safe to excavate before you break ground while also offering alternative excavation methods. If delicate utilities are discovered under the ground that cannot be excavated with manual digging methods due to risks of severing a cable, we can offer non-destructive digging alternatives using our sucker trucks that will get the job done without the damage.

Vacuum Truck Hire

Our 5000L Vacuum Excavator and 3000L Tight Access Sucker Truck can be used for a variety of different excavation projects on a job site and are quickly becoming some of the most important pieces of equipment on a job site. Able to carry out delicate excavation tasks such as hydro excavation, non-destructive digging and waste removal without the risk of damaging sensitive items such as buried utilities or the surrounding environment.

Ground Penetrating Radar Hire

Before you start any excavation project, it is recommended by leading industry authorities such as Dial Before You Dig to undertake a thorough inspection of what is hidden underground. The most effective and accurate way to do this is by using ground penetrating radar to create a map of the underground services and cables. Here at Dig Safe Geelong we have top of the line GPR equipment available for wet hire for all Underground Service and Cable Locating projects, these handheld and wheeled units can make underground location mapping a simple process.

Working in locations across Victoria from our home office in Geelong.

From our home base in Geelong through to the Melbourne CBD, Bendigo, Ballarat and Dandenong we can tackle any project no matter the size using our equipment for hire. For information about our wet hire fleet or to book your next vacuum truck hire or ground penetrating radar hire, contact the team at Dig Safe Geelong today. We are ready to assist you 24/7.

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