Vacuum Truck Hire

Dig Safe Geelong can provide you with the vacuum truck hire to complete your project whether it be non-destructive digging or hydro excavation.

When you are performing any excavation in a populated area, or even if you want to clear minimal amounts of dirt in a specific space, Vacuum Trucks are the perfect alternative to the traditional manual excavation. Vacuum trucks can perform a variety of environmentally friendly excavation activities such as restricted access trenching, excavating under existing structures without compromising its structural integrity, and potholing. They can also perform other tasks such as extraction of sludge from sites, jet rodding and drain, pit, conduit and culvert cleaning.

Here at Safe Dig Geelong we have a fleet of Vacuum Extraction Sucker Trucks that are long-proven safe performers and can deliver either wet hire vacuum excavation solutions for all sizes and scopes of projects, from a backyard to the largest of major building and development sites.

Dig Safe Geelong Vacuum Truck Hire

Our Vacuum Trucks are available for wet hire across Ballarat and Victoria.

All of our machinery is expertly maintained regularly to ensure the reliability that you need when hiring machinery. We pride ourselves on the quality of our sucker trucks and ensuring that your project won’t be delayed due to machinery failure.

The jewels in our sucker truck fleet include an:

- Isuzu FR12 3000L tight access vacuum truck

- 5000L Isuzu Vacuum Excavator

A comprehensive range of services and solutions

No matter the job the team at Safe Dig Geelong can handle it. From our home office in Geelong Victoria and our satellite offices and worksites in Melbourne, Bendigo and Sale we can travel anywhere in the state to complete all your wet hire vacuum truck needs. Before you start your next non-destructive digging or waste removal project, it pays to talk to our team at Dig Safe Geelong. You can contact us at any time 24/7 and pride ourselves on our reputation for completing work on time and on budget. So, how can we help you with your current or upcoming project?

Using our hydro vacuum excavation fleet for projects in Dandenong.

The extreme high-pressure water jets we use work to loosen significantly compacted ground areas and then effectively suck the degraded particles and any excess water back into the vehicle-mounted storage tank in a process known as hydro excavation. This delivers results that are both environmentally-friendly and low impact, meaning there is less risk of costly damage to any buried utility pipes, lines or cables. Without the need for heavy equipment, we also help keep your project costs as low as possible.

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