Clearing roots, blockages and debris from drains, pipes or pits using high pressure jetting, vacuum and  attachments

Large industrial drain cleaning using a Cappelotto drain cleaning truck is a process that involves the use of high-pressure water jets and specialized tools to clear blockages in large pipes and drains. The truck is equipped with a powerful engine, a large tank, and an array of attachments designed to clean out the most stubborn clogs. To begin, the operator will attach the appropriate nozzle to the end of the hose and direct it into the clogged pipe or drain. The high-pressure water jet will then be used to break up any debris or blockages inside the pipe. After this is done, specialized tools such as augers, root cutters, and other attachments can be used to remove any remaining debris from inside the pipe. Finally, a vacuum system on board the truck can be used to suck up any remaining debris and flush it away from the area. This process ensures that all blockages are cleared quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to operations.

Our 8000L vacuum/drain cleaning trucks can tackle any size drain and blockedge

Here at Dig Safe Geelong, we have a 8000L vacuum truck that can be used for a multitude of different drain cleaning  and non-destructive digging projects, ranging from potholing to vacuum trenching and even digging large scale holes and pits. These trucks can reach almost any work site and access even the tightest of spaces, meaning that no matter the location of your project, our sucker trucks can provide rapid hydro excavation services.

The team at Dig Safe Geelong are fully trained to complete all non-destructive digging in Melbourne and beyond

When it comes to both our machinery and our staff, we aim to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards possible. This is why we pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality standards when it comes to all non-destructive excavation and hydrovac services.
All of our staff are highly trained and fully qualified to provide the services offered at Dig Safe Geelong, and strive to achieve the best results possible in terms of quality, time management and budget with every job we undertake.

We offer the best non-destructive digging in Melbourne and across Victoria

From our home office in Geelong, the team at Dig Safe Geelong provide sucker truck wet hire and hydro excavation services to customers all across the state. Some of the most common locations we provide assistance to includes Bendigo, Melbourne CBD, Ballarat, and Dandenong, and other locations across Victoria. For assistance with your next non-destructive digging project or to enquire about a quote for a project contact the team at Dig Safe Geelong today. We look forward to assisting you.

Dig Safe Geelong Drain Cleaning

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