What Machienry Do You Use to Locate Underground Services? 

We here at Dig Safe Geelong have a range of plant hire equipment that can undertake any vacuum excavation and non-destructive digging project you require. The team at Dig Safe Geelong pride ourselves on being able to supply each of our clients with well-maintained machinery that won’t break down on your vacuum excavation worksite. 

Our underground locating machinery includes:

All of our underground service locating machinery for wet hire is expertly maintained to ensure the high level of quality standards that we pride ourselves on are adhered to.

Dig Safe Geelong are leaders in vacuum excavation, and you can be assured your project is in safe hands. How we conduct our non-destructive digging is that we first survey the landscape to understand where the underground pipes and services are. Understanding how deep the unground services maybe is the next step. We then section off the required area where the digging will take place, to ensure the safety of all people involved. Once all procedures have been completed, the non-destructive digging can be undertaken.

We never waiver on our safety and overall quality of each project, no matter the location or project scope. When we complete your non-destructive digging project, we ensure that the site has been cleared of any safety hazards that could cause serious injury.

How Do We Tackle Non-Destructive Digging? 

What Kind of Services Do You Provide? 

The team at Dig Safe Geelong provides a wide array of vacuum excavation, underground service and cable locating services to cater to any of your vacuum excavation projects. 

Our vacuum excavation services include:

  • Cable Locating Services
  • Hydro Vacuum Excavation Services
  • Vacuum Loading
  • Restricted Access Trenching
  • Culvert and Drain Cleanout
  • Sign and Pole Installation (including power poles)
  • Slot Trenching
  • Underground Line Exposure
  • Installation of New Underground Facilities
  • Digging Under Existing Structures
  • Trenching Across Conflicting Services
  • Material and Debris Removal
  • Sludge Removal
  • Extraction of Wet and Dry Materials
  • Pit and Conduit Cleaning

Dig Safe Geelong have the required machinery to undertake any vacuum excavation service. We have underground service locating equipment as well as sucker trucks to undertake hydro excavation and non-destructive digging.

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